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Martin Newth is an artist who works with photographic process and image. For the Beacon exhibition Newth worked with specially constructed giant pinhole cameras in and around Whitehaven, referencing the harbour and local industry in the landscape. Newth explored light, image, place and space in a series of huge photographs installed in the Harbour Gallery.
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Martin transformed the Watchtower (one of the oldest buildings in Whitehaven Harbour) into a giant pinhole camera. By blacking out the windows within the building and making a small pinhole aperture he was able to capture images of the sea and Whitehaven Harbour directly onto large sheets of photographic paper…

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He also worked with pupils from two secondary schools in Copeland: Whitehaven School and Wyndham School Egremont producing an installation of the pupils black and white images together with pictures from the Beacon’s extensive collection of photographs.

Alongside the exhibition Newth ran a number of workshops, and gave a lecture at Cumbria Institute of the Arts in the Autumn...

Martin Newth
17 Brouncker Road
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